Choosing a movie on Netflix might make you unhappy.

Why is picking a movie so hard?

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Everyone knows what it’s like to pick a movie to watch with friends. It can take forever and even get people frustrated.

This time and day most people have an account with Netflix, Hulu, Itunes, Google or any other online movie streaming service. We have been spoilt for choice. These services contain thousands and thousands of movies that are at the tips of our fingertips. How on earth are we supposed to pick 1 movie out of and endless line of perfectly good movies.


Given the endless options of movies to watch, we can sometimes end up watching a movie we already watched simply because it’s a decision we have already previously made and it feels comfortable. There’s so much potentially awesome movies out there we didn’t watch because we couldn’t choose.

Some studies indicate that having too many choices can make us unhappy.

Illustration of the paradox of choice
Illustration of the paradox of choice

For those interested in this: wikipedia link -> paradox of choice


There are websites that generate a random movie for you to watch.
For example:


This website generates a random movie suggestion based on the genre you selected. All you have to do is read the description of the movie, maybe check a trailer and decide if you want to watch this specific movie or not. No multiple choice questions, just a simple yes or no.

An added benefit of this approach is it helps you step out of your comfort zone and experience new and possibly great movies.

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